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SmilePRO awarded Patient Service Award 2020 by WhatClinic.com

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SmilePRO Dental Care [https://smilepro.in/] has been recognised with the WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2020, an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from the worldwide healthcare search engine WhatClinic.

WhatClinic analysed 12 months of data from users of its website including patient reviews and feedback, and communication rates of listed clinics. In 2020, over 6 million people visited WhatClinic’s medical search directory to find and compare clinics, including ours.

SmilePRO Dental Care was only one of a few hundreds of clinics on the website that met the high standards needed to qualify for the award. To receive the Patient Service Award 2020, the clinic should have a consistently high ServiceScore™ rating, which measures the clinic’s commitment to patient care over a whole year, and also receive exceptional feedback and reviews from potential and existing patients. This Award represents the long term dedication of our entire team and focus on creating positive patient experiences throughout their treatment journey.

Dr Pankaj Chivte, Director & Chief Dental Surgeon, said “ We are truly humbled by the appreciation shown by our international patients. We take this award as motivation to further fuel our efforts to provide the best dental experience for our patients.”
Dr Bidisha Basu, Senior Dental Surgeon, said “Its an absolute pleasure & motivation for the acknowledgement on such an eminent platform for our dedication towards patient treatment & experience. The amalgamation of the belief of our patients in us & our efforts in bringing the latest treatment modalities for them definitely makes us continue in walking towards bringing the best dental care for you.”

David Roe, WhatClinic’s CEO, congratulated SmilePRO Dental Care and said “The Patient Service Awards have now run for 11 years. For 2020, we have taken into account thousands of data points, including ratings based on communication between patients and clinics, clinic’s promptness, politeness, helpfulness, customer service over the phone, email, online and in-person, as well as patient reviews, feedback and more.”

About WhatClinic

WhatClinic is a health and beauty search engine site that lists over 125,000 clinics globally. It was founded in 2007 & is in operation in over 120 countries. In 2020 over 6 million people visited the site to find, compare and book clinics and practices across a wide range of elective medical treatments.

About SmilePRO Dental Care

SmilePRO Dental Care has been started by Dr.Pankaj Chivte. Today, the SmilePro Dental & Implant Centres operate through 3 strategically located centres at Pune & Goa , with focus on providing international standards of dental care for our Indian patients & dental tourism for our international patients.
Our dental clinic in Goa caters to dental tourism in India [Goa] since 2006. Dr Pankaj has been treating international patients there since 15 years.

Our team always stands by:
“good dental care treatment with routine checkups goes a long way”.
We constantly educate our patients on how good routine dental care should be one of the main priorities for an individual for lasting dental & overall health.
Our main focus has been towards dental implants & full mouth rehabilitations alongwith smile makover treatments. Over time, we have incorporated newer technologies available in the field of dentistry. The most recent being in-house 3D digital intraoral scanner – the world-class 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. This has boosted digital dentistry bringing high-precision, faster & less number of visits dentistry for all our patients. This has been especially imporatant over the past 1.5 years due to the pandemic. Digital dentistry reduces contact dentistry to a large extent making it safer for our patients & team at the dental clinic & dental lab alike. Also lesser number of visits to the dentist makes it safer for our patients. (more…)

It’s a Hatrick for us – to be awarded yet another year!!!
Although it has been a tough past year we are proud that our team members have risen to the challenge and have managed to provide service throughout.
This Award certainly reflects all the efforts. Thank you to all our patients who kept trusting our service.

Myths & Facts Related To Teeth Bleaching

Myths & Facts Related To Teeth Bleaching

Teeth whitening is something all look forward to in their lifetime at a point – may it be a special occasion or wedding or just wanting brighter teeth. But people have fears about teeth whitening or the expectations with teeth bleaching are different. Right from questions about harming the teeth or enamel to the desired results or cost, puts one in thought about getting it done or not. Here are a few myth busters which give a better understanding about the teeth whitening procedure.

Myth #1:  Teeth whitening harms your teeth enamel

Fact:  Professional teeth treatments are completely safe & when properly done do not harm the enamel. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure – so one should see a dentist for the same & avoid beauticians or shopping centres, etc to ensure your own safety.
The process of teeth bleaching may cause temporary sensitivity. The dentist can generally advise you different products before or after the treatment as required in your case

Myth #2:  Teeth whitening results last forever

Fact:        Most teeth-whitening treatments need touch-ups. Professional treatments done in a dentist’s office may last one to three years. It all depends on your teeth, the whitening solution used, and your habits. Smoking and drinking coffee can make teeth discolour more quickly, for instance.

Myth #3: DIY or natural alternatives can remove stains & brighten teeth

Fact:      Many people mention teeth whitening techniques they have read on the internet. These are untrue & can be detrimental to the health of your teeth & have the opposite effect. Many fruits are acidic & eat away at the teeth enamel which can then make your teeth more discoloured & increase the risk of decay or cavities. You will need more treatment eventually. Anything gone wrong can cost you more harm than the desired effects.

Myth #4: Professional Tooth Whitening Isn’t Worth the Cost. It’s too expensive.
Fact:      While it is true that professional teeth whitening will cost you more than a kit purchased at your local drugstore, there is often a significant difference between the two experiences. In addition, because the procedure is supervised by a dental professional, it is often safer and provides more satisfactory results.

Myth #5: Whitening Toothpaste or OTC teeth whitening products are Effective

Fact:        Many companies sell whitening toothpaste, often at a higher price than standard products. The chemicals needed to whiten teeth effectively must be in contact with teeth for an extended period of time. Since most people brush and rinse their teeth in a matter of minutes, any whitening ingredient in the toothpaste simply won’t get enough time to work or give the results you want. Rather overuse can damage your teeth.
Some over-the-counter [OTC] whitening products may be of inferior quality or incorrect usage, can cause damage to your teeth/gums/surrounding structures. That is why working with an experienced cosmetic dentist is often a good idea.

Myth #6: It works the same for everyone

Fact:       Whitening treatments don’t work on dentures, veneers, caps, crowns or fillings. Teeth stained grey or blue, often from medications or trauma, might not whiten. But, teeth that are yellowish in colour usually whiten the best. Talk to your dentist about your teeth & the whitening procedure to give you the best results.

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