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Smile Designing

A Smile Makeover is a comprehensive treatment plan that combines any number of treatments that will be best suited to helping you realise your cosmetic and oral health goals. Treatment planning is the most crucial aspect for a successful outcome. Within a week say hello to your new smile………
– Are you confident when smiling?
– Do you put your hand over your mouth when you smile?
– Does your photograph look better from one side of your face?
– Do you wish your teeth were whiter?
– Do you show too many/ too few teeth when you smile?
If these questions come to your mind, you need to make a difference to your smile!

The trick is to deviate one’s attention to your beautiful SMILE,
in turn making you look BEAUTIFUL!

90% of the times, the first thing we notice is the smile on one’s face. It leaves a lasting impression on strangers & friends alike.
Enhancing your smile with a smile makeover can:
– completely change your look & attitude,
– change people’s perception towards you for the better,
– melt away any insecurities or anxieties,& also
– mask the minor flaws on your face w/o actually touching it.
A beautiful smile is not just about teeth, but the harmony created by the teeth, gums & lips.
If you’re not happy with your smile, or if you’re curious about the possibilities of changing it, contact us.
– Do you have a chipped/broken front tooth/teeth?
– Does that dead discoloured front tooth from your childhood, when you fell down, stare back at you whenever you – look at yourself in the mirror?
– Are the old discoloured fillings/old caps bothering you?
– Are you worried about your crooked teeth?
– Do the gaps between your teeth show more than your real smile? And brackets are a NO-NO.
– No time for numerous visits.
– Can’t wait for months together to get your teeth aligned.
– Do you aspire an image you want for yourself?
Walk into SmilePro & design your own smile with our Smile Professionals!

Designing a Smile Makeover – Choosing the Right Treatments, Choosing the right Dentist

Is Smile designing for me? What all can it correct?
– Crooked teeth.
– Gaps between teeth
– Teeth which are disproportionate/proclined/etc
– Yellow/discoloured/stained teeth
– Old/artificial looking dental caps
– Gummy smile
– Pigmented gums
– Other tooth defects
– Almost any concern with the smile can be corrected
Email us your pictures and we would be happy to help you out.
– Our team of aesthetic dentists have been trained in various countries including USA & UK
– We have performed over 2000 successful cosmetic dentistry cases.

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