Effective Root Canal Therapy by SmilePro Dental Clinic

Root Canal

Endodontic therapy also commonly known as Root canal therapy is extremely effective in saving a tooth that is badly infected or decayed.
It is needed when you have…
– Pain/ Toothache
– Large/ Deep cavity
– Fractured/ Broken tooth
– Dead/ Discoloured tooth
Nowadays with advanced technologies, rootcanals are generally finished in a single-sitting at SmilePro.
However in some cases 2-3 sittings maybe required.

What is Re-Root Canal treatment?

In rare cases, a root canal procedure can fail and the tooth can become re-infected. When a root canal treatment fails, the first course of action is to re-do the root canal.
This procedure involves removal of the infected tissue or old filling material or any other obstacles in the tooth. Removing these, allows the dentist to disinfect and seal the area of the root canal.
After the root canal treatment is done your dentist will place a crown to protect the tooth against fractures.


Why the pain?

The infection/decay reaches the nerves of the tooth. Medications only subside the pain…it doesn’t cure the

Why not extract the tooth?

Root canal + cap is more cost-effective than replacing the tooth.

What after a root canal?

Post & Core build up – If your remaining tooth structure post decay removal is very less, a specialized post or a
core build-up as required is necessary to increase the life of the tooth.
Cap/ Crown

Why a cap post root canal?

After the root canal, the tooth loses its natural nutritional supply, becoming brittle over time; the cap gives
the necessary protection to the root canal treated tooth, thus increasing its life.

What if I don't do a cap / crown?

Your tooth will fracture under the heavy biting forces, leaving you no choice but to extract the tooth….
You lose a natural tooth.
Your biting efficiency decreases, along with other problems
Increased treatment costs for replacing the tooth

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