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Dental Implants!

The new age artificial tooth…..

– Have you got missing/extracted teeth?
– Is your old fixed bridge giving away?
– Are your old dentures giving trouble/hurting you?
– Has your interest in eating all kinds of foodstuffs decreased over time?
– Has your diet adjusted over time along with your diminishing number of teeth?
– Has your health gone down coz of your changed eating lifestyle?

Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. The implant, which is made of titanium, is an artificial root occupying the same place of the missing tooth. In the course, various attachments are placed for shaping your gums following by your custom-made final teeth.
Dental implants can –
– Replace Single or Multiple or All teeth
– Implant-supported overdentures/ Hybrid dentures
Missing teeth often lose some of the surrounding soft tissue and bone. If this is a significant amount, soft tissue and/or bone grafting may also be required either at the same time as implant placement or beforehand.
Dental implants are incorporated with other treatments such as crowns, bridges and veneers as part of full smile makeovers or full mouth reconstructions following the same processes of smile design.

The big advantage of a single tooth implant over a bridge is that it can replace the tooth without interfering with teeth on either side, unlike a bridge. Bridge teeth are joined together and floss cannot be passed in between like natural teeth or implant crowns.
Other advantages –
– MINIMIZES oral bone loss
– PRESERVES natural facial contours & appearance – you keep looking young
– RESTORES oral function – chewing, in a manner that most resembles natural teeth

Consequences of not replacing your missing teeth:
– Difficulty in chewing
– Digestive problems due to inability to chew food properly
– Bone loss, eventually leading to loss of healthy teeth even
– Unbalanced bite leading to excessive pressure on other teeth, followed by their premature loss.
– Loss of natural facial appearance
– Increased facial wrinkles
– Loss of youthful appearance
– Loss of support to facial structures
– Many more…………

Dental implants are an effective, safe & predictable solution today!! Implants are a one-time procedure. Once done, with regular maintenance, is a lifetime investment. Even when you lose more teeth with age/otherwise, more implants can be added & along with the earlier implant, fixed set of teeth can be given.

With recent advances in technology, the predictability with dental implants is very high, with upto lifetime warranty on them. There are multiple cheaper options available amongst implants, but it is wise to go in for options where you can be assured of the quality, looking at long term prospects. A single-tooth dental implant & implant crown may initially cost more than a 3-unit fixed bridge, but this cost differential will be equalized in about 5-6 yrs…cost-effective in the long run!

Implant Supported Dentures

If most or all of the teeth are missing then implant supported dentures may be an option. For full denture wearers, retention is often a big problem as bone support recedes. Even the best fitting dentures can feel loose. A full upper denture also requires a large area over the palate to obtain suction which can interfere with taste and the enjoyment of food.
Implant supported dentures on the other hand are firmly clipped in and do not require the palate to be covered for suction.
New techniques mean that, in many cases, we can place the implants and secure the denture on the same day – “teeth-in-a-day.”

All- on-4TM
At SmilePro, for patients without any teeth for very long period of time alongwith bone loss, we do the All-on-4 surgical protocol. Minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction. Our doctors are trained by the master & inventor himself – Prof Paulo Malo[Malo clinic, Portugal], Nobel Biocare.

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