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Dental Implants

Everything About Dental Implants For Punekars!

In Dentistry, Dental Implants (also known as Tooth Implants) is now becoming very common. Many clinics are looking forward to starting Tooth Implants. Here below, we are mentioning everything about Dental Implants that can help you.

– Have you got missing/extracted teeth?
– Is your old fixed bridge giving away?
– Are your old dentures giving trouble/hurting you?
– Has your interest in eating all kinds of foodstuffs decreased over time?
– Has your diet adjusted over time along with your diminishing number of teeth?
– Has your health gone down coz of your changed eating lifestyle?

About Our Chief Implantologist:

Dr Pankaj Chivte, MDS is our Chief Implant Surgeon.

  • He has completed his Masters in Periodontology & Implantology with further training in Implantology in Germany.
  • He is also a Diplomate – International Congress of Oral Implantologists {ICOI}, USA.
  • He has taken further training on bone & gum regeneration procedures at Germany & University of HongKong.
  • He is the National Key Opinion Leader for Geistlich India [Swiss Hard & Soft tissue regeneration materials].
  • He has also completed his cosmetic dentistry training from ENCODE-State University of Sunny Buffalo, New York & is also an accredited member of IAACD.
  • He has been practising over the past 20 yrs.

He says “Implants are meant to be done for life”.

Dr Pankaj Chivte has set up protocols to ensure all the important steps and precautions are taken care of the safe execution of the Dental Implant.

  1. Offer the best quality of service – For all our clients, we follow world-class practices and processes as per your convenience. We also use the latest types of equipment from Straumann[Swiss] / Ankylos / Bredent[German] which are the trusted manufacturers with years of meticulous scientific studies & sound technical design right from implants to their connections.
  2. Offer the best surgical expertise – We are a team of surgical experts with experience of 15-20 years. We are internationally-trained & keep abreast with the growing knowledge base to provide the best to our patients.

Dental Implant Treatment at SmilePro

SmilePRO is an advanced dental clinic with expertise in Dental Implant treatment. We use advanced techniques for your natural bone preservation or regeneration to increase the success of your dental implant treatment. Precise & thorough planning with the latest equipment make your dental treatments more successful.

We offer a lifetime warranty on dental implants in Pune, India.

SmilePRO is one of the few dental clinics in Pune & Goa who have the world-leading 3D Digital Intraoral scanner 3Shape TRIOS for digital impressions. Digital impressions increase the precision of any dental procedure, ensuring superior treatment results for our patients over the decades to come.

We also follow strict sterilization protocols at before, during & after tooth implant procedure to prevent cross-contamination between patients. From washing, Ultrasonic cleaners to Class B autoclave are all at par to international protocols.

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Dental Implant Treatment

What are Dental Implants?
A dental implant is a surgical process in which a titanium post which is like a tooth root is positioned in the jawbone beneath the gum line. A dental implant is designed to match natural teeth & used as a robust base for permanent fixed teeth & dentures on implants. An implant doesn’t come loose like a denture can. A Dental Implant is a firm fixture because the surgical process allows a dentist to mount replacement teeth or bridge into the jawbone.

Dental implants also benefit general oral health because they do not have to be anchored to other teeth, like bridges. It doesn’t let you compromise your oral health.

Are Dental Implants the New Age Artificial Tooth?
Yes, it is the new age artificial tooth as an increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of tooth implants at any age. Here below are top benefits that make people choose Dental Implants.

Top Reasons/ Benefits of dental implants surgery

  1. Dental implants feel closest to natural teeth.
  2. One can replace single, multiple, or all teeth without cutting down your adjacent teeth. (Can have dentures attached to your implants too)
  3. It minimizes bone loss.
  4. It restores oral function and speech.
  5. It also reclaims the natural chewing manner as it resembles the natural teeth.
  6. Improved digestion because of better chewing leading to better immunity, better health
  7. Restoring your confident, beautiful smile
  8. Preserve natural face contours & appearance(You keep looking young)
  9. Prevent shifting of other teeth which may cause decay/ other dental problems in future

It is not only these above benefits, but it also has advantages over the existing dental bridge process or dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants over Dental Bridges or Dentures

  1. Dental implants, in the long-run, are the most efficient & cost-effective way of replacing your missing tooth/teeth.
  2. It is a firm fixture than dentures.
  3. The success rate of dental implants is highly predictable.
  4. Dental implants side-effects are none due to medical-grade Titanium used with reputed implant manufacturers. We at SmilePRO use German/ Swiss-made dental implants in our Pune or Goa clinics.
  5. The adjacent healthy natural tooth is saved from being ground down for a cap like in Dentures.
  6. Each tooth is separate so that you can attend to a particular tooth problem only even after 20 years. In a bridge, your teeth are joined. If one tooth is in trouble, your bridge is in a problem.

Types of Dental Implants

Single tooth implants

All-on-4 implants

Multiple root implants

All-on-6 implants

Bridges on dental implants

Zygoma implants

Dentures supported on dental implants

Pterygoid implants

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implants at SmilePRO are generally completed in 2-4 months in two phases.

Below the gums is Phase one. Any teeth removal & implant placement. This is the major work already completed. It can be finished in anywhere between 10mins to an hour [Teeth-in-an-hour] depending on the number of implants to be placed. We leave it for complete healing & integration with your natural bone.

Above the gums is Phase Two. The gums are shaped with attachments to make them closer to your natural architecture. The final attachments for the caps are placed. We get digital measurements done for your new teeth with a digital intraoral scanner – 3Shape TRIOS [Digital Dentistry].
Post this our SmilePRO-fessionals along with the implant lab technician digitally design & finalize your new ceramic teeth. They are processed in the dental lab & sent over.

Your new teeth are ready to be delivered to you.

In certain cases, Implants can be done in a day [Teeth-in-a-day]. In many of our cases at SmilePRO, we give teeth on the same day [long term temporaries] provided your bone & implant meet the primary stability criteria.

This, however, will have to be replaced with a final ceramic tooth/cap in due course of 2-4 months after complete healing of your bone & gums around the tooth implant.

At SmilePRO, we take care to address as many of your concerns at the time of consultation, discussion or before leaving the dental office.

We are partners in caring for your health. We, your dentists & dentist assistants, try & do our best to minimize your discomfort & start you off properly on the road to wellness.

But the next or following phase of recovery is in your hands & you can do a lot to assure your recovery time is as short, painless & complication-free as possible. Please note the following precautions:

Precautions for Immediately after implant surgery

  • No spitting out,
  • No cold & soft foods.
  • Follow-up after a day or 2 etc.
    It is similar to after tooth extraction.

Next Long term precautions, after your cap/ dental crowns, are fixed

  • Brushing around the implant is generally similar to what you would do for your natural teeth until anything specific or additional suggested by your dentist/ implantologist.
  • Water flossers can help in many cases.

Ask our SmilePRO-fessional for more details.

Most Important post instruction

  • Be regular with your annual dental check-up.
  • Don’t miss your routine check-up appointment.

Good oral hygiene is vital for any dental treatment to last longer.

Check out our Gallery for more understanding

Dental implants are like a lifetime treatment option for you. A lot of scientific studies are undertaken to ensure that the technical design & stringent sterile manufacturing processes are completely safe & last you decades together. They should be able to take your chewing pressures for life.

Along with this, dental surgeons undertake advanced training to give patients high-end precise treatment solutions. They collaborate with highly-skilled lab technicians to give you the closest to natural teeth possible.

Precise designs, safe materials, the skill of the dental surgeon & advanced dental labs all contribute to the final treatment cost. So depending on the dental surgeon, the fair cost may vary from (x) and can go (y).

SmilePRO is a cost-effective Dental Clinic. Our Dental implants cost include the implant itself, the surgical costs, other materials used, different attachments used for step-by-step completion of dental implants process,

There are no hidden charges – In fact, our costs also include anaesthesia, temporary type of teeth as needed in your case, final caps/ dental crowns, multiple X-rays [IOPA] and subsequent check-ups till your cap. Our dental charges are straightforward and fixed for all. Contact Us to know more. Please note that the cost of the bone grafting, if required, would be additional & dependent on clinical examination, X-rays, amount of bone grafting.

Every case is different. Schedule your dental implant consultation for your specific dental treatment plan with us at SmilePRO today.

Dental implants side-effects or Tooth implants risks are rare & few if any. In some cases, there may be following common possible short-term side effects

  1. Infection,
  2. Post-operative swelling,
  3. More bleeding,
  4. Pus formation
  5. Pain

In very rare cases, there is a risk of Nerve Injury in the bottom jaw. It can cause prolonged numbness.

Another rare risk is implant loss. It can happen two for two reasons;
one is lost due to infection around the implant,
second is Crown/Cap, or Attachment/Abutment is loose due to substandard connections.

We understand that even the risk possibility is rare, we take all the precautions seriously. We take care of following precautions for all the patients

  1. Good pre-evaluation & history
  2. Pre-planning Tests
  3. CBCT scans
  4. Blood tests
  5. Blood sugar & Vit D levels
  6. Using Quality Equipment
  7. Strict sterilization protocols – Class B Autoclave Sterilization before, during & after surgery

We are continuously training ourselves and keep upgrading the skills for better surgical expertise and avoiding any risks.

It completely depends on case to case. Following are the common issues

– Difficulty in chewing

– Digestive problems due to the inability to chew food properly

– Other teeth move away from their original position because of the extra space available due to the missing teeth, which may cause more food lodgement & eventually tooth decay.

People think their teeth are weak – always having dental cavities. They need to understand such teeth problems/ issues also are contributing factors.

A dental check-up is what can determine their main causative factor in turn, helping to solve their dental problems.

  • Bone loss, eventually leading to loss of healthy teeth even
  • Unbalanced bite leading to excessive pressure on other teeth, causing tooth injury or tooth fracture or their premature loss.
  • Loss of natural facial appearance
  • Increased facial wrinkles
  • Loss of youthful appearance
  • Loss of support to facial structures
  • Many more

A simple choice of tooth implant here can help replace & solve most the teeth problems & more. Your bone loss can only be prevented with the help of a dental implant, not a bridge.

There is nothing to be worried about. It is placed in the same place in the bone where the natural root of the tooth was. The patient is easily comfortable for his/her daily routine with basic medications—no need to take any leaves from work.

Also at SmilePRO, we have some patients who have gone to the office after an hour of their implant surgery appointment. It is at times simpler than removing a broken tooth.

Yes, it is finished in anywhere between 10mins to an hour [Teeth-in-an-hour] depending on the number of implants to be placed.The patient is given local anaesthesia- like during a root canal/tooth removal. It is at times simpler than removal of teeth, as implants are generally pre-planned with X-rays & CBCT scans, so procedures are precise.

With experienced dental surgeons, it is very quick, efficient & painless.

The dental implant is the main part. Once the implant is placed, it is followed by different attachments to shape your gums & finally to place your new ceramic teeth/ caps/ dental crowns.

At SmilePRO, we follow every step diligently to ensure long-lasting results for our patients & closest to natural results.

Yes, in most of our cases at SmilePRO we give teeth on the same day[long term temporaries] provided your bone & implant meet the primary stability criteria. This, however, will have to be replaced with a final ceramic tooth/cap in due course of 2-4 months after complete healing of your bone & gums.

Dental implants are generally completed in 2-4 months in 2 phases. In certain cases, Implants can be done in a day.[Teeth-in-a-day].

Dental implants are like a lifetime treatment option for you. It is not costly but it depends case to case. Please contact us to know more.

Dental implants can still be possible for you. At times, because a long period has passed after removal of the tooth, bone quantity reduces. Experienced dental surgeons can help with bone grafting solutions followed by the placement of dental implants. Artificial bone is placed which slowly gets converted to your natural bone.

At SmilePRO, we regularly undertake grafting procedures & provide predictable long-term solutions to our patients.

We could also opt for alternate options like –

  • All-on-4
  • Zygoma implants
  • Pterygoid implants

Good dental implants are like a lifetime treatment option. Who wouldn’t want a treatment to possibly last a lifetime? Also, another big benefit is – we save both adjacent natural teeth from getting caps too like it otherwise happens in a dental bridge. Dental Implants can take higher chewing loads. They do not decay. It’s generally observed patients adapt faster to implants

Why not. Most people have multiple missing teeth at this age. Hence they are the same age group who mostly seek replacement of their teeth. Dental implants can replace single, multiple or all teeth depending on a case.

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