2021- Dental Resolution For Your Oral Hygiene

The season of New Year resolutions is back again!

New year resolutions are something everyone is always excited. By the time the December month starts, one starts thinking about their resolutions they plan to start yet again this New Year. Well as a dentist, I always motivate my patients to start with some dental health resolutions which are not only important but should be followed by one & all.

People make big & small resolutions, some like breaking or making a habit, or say moving away for higher education & better job opportunities. Or something big as making the big gesture to someone special, or buying the dream car or dream house, or start your family.

Well dental care resolutions for most, I would say, are similar to the most common one – ‘this year I will reduce my weight.” They happen or happen just to some extent. While seeing so many check-up patients along with their annual health check-up, I come across this sentence from many of them, almost 95% of them- “Yes Dr I was suggested this last year. I thought, but somehow didn’t get around to getting it done.”

Dental care starts from small things at a time like any other resolutions we make.

That sudden niggling pain/ sensitivity may go away in a day or 2 or with a pain-killer, but one should have a dental check-up done regularly to keep dental problems at bay. One will definitely be familiar with the situation of having a small dental issue like food lodgement / chipped tooth become a dental emergency before a big event like an exam or flight or a job interview, etc.

Let’s highlight some dental care resolutions one should make to help have better oral health & healthy smiles.

  • If you have – Bleeding gums

Many think that brushing harder or having some tablets may just resolve the issue. One needs to understand that the most common reason for bleeding gums is plaque & tartar/ deposits build-up on the teeth around the gums. The only way to stop it is to have a professional teeth cleaning & polishing at the dental clinic. This is ideally advised every 6 months by the WHO.

It does not harm the teeth or enamel. Rather cleans the surfaces keeping your teeth & gums healthy.

  • You should – Floss

This is one of the most important, yet missed cleaning routines. It is said if you don’t floss, you miss on cleaning 35% of teeth surfaces. Flossing is not just any thread you can pick up from any box. Sit down with your dentist & learn the right way. Trust me, you save yourself from a lot of cavities.

  • If you have a – Black spot on your teeth

Well everyone sees a black spot here & there on their teeth. These are generally cavities/ decay process which has begun on the teeth. Some are incipient & needs to be monitored, while others need intervention, i.e., a dental filling. Waiting for sensitivity or pain is wrong, especially when you know you shouldn’t have that black spot on your tooth. There is no middle ground here – you just have to visit the dentist for the necessary treatment.

Sooner you get your filling done, you get 2 benefits-

  1. Smaller fillings last longer
  2. You reduce the chances of a rootcanal for your tooth
  • If you have – Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is the most talked about. All experience teeth sensitivity sometime or the other. What would you do? – Get the best sensitivity toothpaste & expect it to go away. Sensitivity could be due to varied reasons. Some common ones are-

  • You just may be more sensitive to To some extent is normal.
  • It could be due to wear of tooth structure, generally due to incorrect brushing
  • Decay or teeth cavities can cause teeth

A dental check-up will make it clear as to what is causing the teeth sensitivity & accordingly care/ changes/ treatment will be suggested to you.

  • Have your – Gums receded

Many people observe themselves and ask the dentist – “my gums have gone down” especially one of the front teeth. Again it can be because of wrong brushing or an underlying gums problem.

  • Increasing your Dental awareness

Everyone loves their smile. Look their best in all photographs. It’s time people become consciously aware & take steps towards better dental health. Better oral care is accessible. Regular conscious care is not very difficult and avoids costlier dental treatments in the long run.

Take a moment to understand what exactly is your dentist advising & giving you. Most of the above problems can be solved by

  • making a resolution to follow it, or
  • having a dental check-up, or
  • both


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