Pediatric Dentistry

Teeth of small children & young teenagers are different from that of adults. Teeth fall & erupt from the between ages of 6 months to 13 yrs.

Visit the dentist when the kid's 1st tooth erupts in the mouth & subsequently regular check-ups. Know more about taking care right from the birth of your child.

If they are milk teeth, why save them if permanent teeth will finally come?

  • Important role in helping your child bite & chew food(good health) and speak clearly
  • Save space for the permanent teeth
  • Help guide permanent teeth into correct position
  • If decayed & infected,may spread to the underlying permanent tooth & cause irreparable damage
  • If extracted before time, cause crooked teeth & bite problems in permanent teeth

Preventive treatments against cavities for your child

Fluoride application

Pit & Fissure sealants

Specialized care for your child by pediatric dentist.

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stepping stones


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